CD Fasteners, Inc. is a Leading Distributor of Screws.

Materials include Stainless Steel, Steel, Brass, Bronze, Aluminum, and other materials also available.

We are a leading distributor of screws. Materials available include stainless steel, steel, brass, bronze, & aluminum, with others available. Cap screws are available in Grade 2, Grade 5, or Grade 8 strengths, identified by line markings on the head. Grade 2 cap screws are suited for general hardware applications such as holding pieces of wood together. Grade 5 cap screws are quenched and tempered for additional strength, and are suitable for most automotive uses. Grade 8 and Grade 8 Alloy cap screws are quenched and tempered to the highest strength and hardness.

We offer polybagging and kitting services for hex cap screws and the correct nuts for them to be used with, depending on application.

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